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Liam Hayes was born in 2340, he was born on the mainland. Liam's father was very military, he was taught from a young age how to shoot from his father. He became very good and became a good Marksman. Liam eventaully took up as a Gun for hire. He would do small jobs for people. In 2359 Liam was assigned a job to kill Randall Gordon when he tried to kill him he was met by Gavin a long time friend from his childhood. Who was joined by two Spectre guards . He was invited by Gavin for promises of Pay and a cause to fight for.

In 2364 Liam and Gavin were sent to find Intel about the Governments plans for Weapons, that had been stolen from the Spectres

They went to infiltrate Master Barrets party. Were he learned about their plans. After listening in to Master Barret, Master Westwood and Master Henri. Gavin and Liam confronted Master Barret. After learning what Barret had done, Gavin prompted Liam to leave, which Liam then shoots Master Barret. The pair then flee promptly

===Turning Rogue===